By working with us you get:

  • Control over the transactions
  • Risk limitation
  • Support of the administrative processes
  • Solutions tailor-made for you

We are independent.
We do not sell financial instruments.
We have been delivering results to our clients for 20 years.


Wealth protection

  • Asset allocation/categories: We advise on allocation and diversification of assets, taking into account the unique needs of each Client. 
  • Geographical and monetary diversification: Based on the established long-term international relationships, we plan and implement legal and operational structures functioning in various jurisdictions.
  • Selection of an ideal location of residency/jurisdiction: We advise in analysis and selection of an optimal residency jurisdiction, taking into account the individual circumstances and needs of each Client.
  • Asset Management: We do not sell financial instruments. However, we work closely with international asset managers.
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Transaction advisory

  • Transformation of companies and enterprises: We advise on selection of an optimal legal form of the business and on potential transformation options in this area.
  • Capital raising: We analyse the needs and opportunities for raising capital and help secure external financing from investors.
  • Sale of minority and controlling stakes: We advise Clients in the process of selling companies and/or assets, both minority and controlling stakes.
  • Company and asset valuation: We prepare company valuations for the contemplated capital transactions.
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Shareholder supervision

  • Representation in supervisory and management bodies: At the Client’s request, we represent their interests and fulfil responsibilities in relation to the supervision of companies. In individual cases, we also perform the duties of a member of a board of directors.
  • Administrative services to companies: We provide administrative support (also as a proxy), to special purpose vehicles and investment vehicles of our Clients.
  • Analysis of financial statements and management information: We analyse the financials of our Clients’ companies, prepare and present the conclusions from such analysis in an accessible and transparent manner in order to assist in decision-making process.
  • Consolidation and analysis of wealth: We prepare overview and summary consolidating Clients’ assets and liabilities (or selected areas), and present the conclusions and potential solutions.
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  • Succession planning: We assist in planning and implementing legal structures as well as control mechanisms regarding succession.
  • Mandatory reporting: We support Clients in fulfilling their reporting obligations.
  • Real Estate: We assist our Clients in management and oversight of real estate projects portfolios.
  • Education: Working closely with the experts in the field we are able to advise and support our Clients in planning of their children’s education.
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